Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

Legionnaire Guild Rules

Hi fellow Legioners, please revert to this post if you want to know our guild rules...

Allies List : N B, G_D

Anything you need to know about Legionnaire :

1. Do not attack others outside pvp, if someone messing with you please consult with me or any other R4. Lets focus on growing and have a happy life instead 

2. Do not scout, do not attack, do not stealing tiles from our allies on any conditions. 
Any violator can be kicked out of guild. We want to have strong alliance with our allies, so please don't do something that can damage our relationship with them. If any of our allies scouting or attacking you, do let me know and please do nothing until I respond.

3. Help occupy tiles!
More tiles = more resource spawn in lGN tiles = more resource in guild bank
If you don't know where to occupy please ask in guild chat, and please occupy only empty tiles unless you have permission to take others.

4. Guild ranking & wages
Please see my other post about guild ranking system in lGN

5. Resources Help
You can ask for rss help if you in urgent need. I prioritize guild bank resources for urgent matters like healing troops after war, or upgrade high level HQ. Guild bank is open to anyone in guild, but please be considerate. Other members can help you with rss too, if you nicely ask and they have it.

6. No trouble/drama maker is allowed.
Have you seen those dramas on zc? Yes, we don't want to be any part of that! Try to solve things with diplomacy and cool head :)

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