Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

Legionnaire Guild Rules

Hi fellow Legioners, please revert to this post if you want to know our guild rules...

Allies List : N B, G_D

Anything you need to know about Legionnaire :

1. Do not attack others outside pvp, if someone messing with you please consult with me or any other R4. Lets focus on growing and have a happy life instead 

2. Do not scout, do not attack, do not stealing tiles from our allies on any conditions. 
Any violator can be kicked out of guild. We want to have strong alliance with our allies, so please don't do something that can damage our relationship with them. If any of our allies scouting or attacking you, do let me know and please do nothing until I respond.

3. Help occupy tiles!
More tiles = more resource spawn in lGN tiles = more resource in guild bank
If you don't know where to occupy please ask in guild chat, and please occupy only empty tiles unless you have permission to take others.

4. Guild ranking & wages
Please see my other post about guild ranking system in lGN

5. Resources Help
You can ask for rss help if you in urgent need. I prioritize guild bank resources for urgent matters like healing troops after war, or upgrade high level HQ. Guild bank is open to anyone in guild, but please be considerate. Other members can help you with rss too, if you nicely ask and they have it.

6. No trouble/drama maker is allowed.
Have you seen those dramas on zc? Yes, we don't want to be any part of that! Try to solve things with diplomacy and cool head :)

Legionnaire Guild Ranking System

Hi again! This post will mainly talk about ranking system in Legionnaire guild. I've tried to create the most balanced rank system so everyone will satisfy.. Gosh its so hard to keep everyone happy

Ranking change will be placed each Sunday along with wages distribution! Bet now everyone love Sunday more! 

Ranking change will counting from top level, means I'll begin to set the rank for rank 3 and work to next down level...

Rank 3 Terms & Conditions :
1. Top 18 power in guild (yes guys, keep your powpow up everyday!)
2. In addition, top 2 member with the most occupy tiles in guild, owww how I love you guys...
So rank 3 will have total 20 spot to fill! Rank 4 will be excluded from power and occupy counting..

Rank 2 Terms & Conditions :
1. Occupy more than 30 tiles
2. Remaining spot will fill with power counting
Rank 2 will have total 30 spot to fill!

Wages distribution :
Rank 5 : 10%
Rank 4 : 20 %, split evenly
Rank 3 : 40%, split evenly
Rank 2 : 20%, split evenly
Rank 1 : 10%, split evenly

Earn your rank! I'm open to any suggestion, so please feel free to mail me if you have any.


Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Invasion - Smart Defense

Invasion is a war game, we won't know when we're going to be attacked. I'm sure you don't want your time and effort go to waste. I'm going to share you a few tips based from my experience, I hope it will help you all 

Let's get started!

How to make your troops untouchable

1. Go to nearest tile before his plane is landing on your base
Sometimes, invasion is like 'play catch' game and you can always play with your attacker, make him like :

He's scouting you, hell you look yummy. Then he will come in like 5 minutes, on minus 2min you going encamp or going to resource tile, he will get an empty base and cry. He comes back to his base, recall your troops, he's coming at you again, encamp / going to rss tile again. Catch me if you can brah!

However this trick won't work if he's nearby, like a really really beside you, since you have to play fast and should move out real soon before getting hit.

2. The smart fake rally!
What is a rally? Rally is joined attack, you can set from 5 mins to 8 hours before engaging and the best part is YOUR TROOPS CAN'T BE TOUCHED IN THE PROCESS! Hands down to the power of rally!
To do so, you can pick your rally base target, click on the rally button, set the rally for 8hrs, put in all of your troops, and that's it! You gain 8hrs + march time, troops immunity. How cool is that! As soon as you're back online, you can cancel the rally if you want.

Remember to always do fake rally before going offline ALL THE TIME and most importantly during PvP event if you're not participating, or during NaP off time. This is war game, I remind you. Remember, ALL THE TIME.

Just be selective on picking who's going to be your rally target, we don't want to piss the wrong guy, do we? And of course you don't want to end in finished rally to someone whose power is much fatter than yours, you'll end losing. Find some newbs in unknown guild faraway from your base, mark his coords so you can set him up whenever you need. If you're not sure, I've already set up someone to be your daily fake rally target. Find [x.x]HIT ME in the hive. Play this guy base, he won't get mad.

The reason why would you want to play smart defense

You do not want to lose any troops
Producing troops needs a lot of time, effort, and of course a lot of resources. You don't want your effort go to waste, do you?

F.A.Q :

1. Why sometimes during defend, I lose units, and sometimes I can repair them?
This is where Garage play a big part. When you're attacked, if your unit lost number is less than maximum Garage capacity, you will not lose any of your units! It can be repaired in your garage. Repair units vs start from scratch. So get your garage upgraded! Please remember, garage will only work in defensive mode, you can not repair units from attacking someone. ever!

2. Why do you want him to hit an empty base?
First, again your troops will be safe. And if your resources is below storage capacity, he will only get a little amount of it vs lose your troops.

Have any question? Mail me or comment below and get this post updated.

Be safe,